Get a Great Juggler for Your Trade Show

A Comedian Juggler?

There is a lot to see at a trade show. How do you get people to stop?

Think about it. You've walked through trade shows, every single booth has signs and folders and computer screens. How many of those can you look at before you're numb? And salespeople? You know you avert your eyes and scurry past them because there are a million of them and you can't possibly talk to them all. Potential clients are doing the same thing to your staff. So what can your booth do that is fun, interesting, and yet informative? What can your booth have that will make people stop and smile and listen for a moment?

Now a juggler is starting to make a little sense.

You've got a great product but how can you get that information to potential clients? Maybe you have something that needs a little explanation to understand. Michael will grab and hold the attention of your potential customers. They'll see some juggling, they'll laugh, but most importantly, they'll know the name of your company and what it is you do AND they won't even realize they're learning!

RELAX: There is an easy way to make your booth interesting and informative. People WILL stop and listen. They'll watch an amazing trick and the guy doing the amazing trick will tell potential customers about your product.

YOU'LL BE A HERO: Your booth will attract more leads than ever.

Michael will grab and hold the attention of your potential customers. They will see some amazing juggling, they'll laugh, and most importantly, they'll know the name of your company and what it is you do.

A Show to Match Your Message and Product:

The writing process is easy and collaborative. Michael has 10 Emmy nominations and 3 Writer's Guild nominations for his TV writing. He will work with your people and your information to make sure your message and product will be presented professionally.


You don't have to worry that your show will seem robotic or that your presenter doesn't seem to understand what they're saying. Michael will learn your product and will talk about it in a knowledgeable, conversational and comfortable manner. In fact, audience members often assume Michael is a permanent part of your company. People will say, "What department did you find this guy in? I can't believe he can do these tricks. " Your show will not seem like you've pasted your message onto a trained monkey. Give Michael a golf shirt with your corporate logo and he'll blend right in ... until the right moment!

Below are a few extra show options we offer:

Duo act

A duo act is a great way to reinforce messages like interoperability, scalability, legacy support, customer support, networking, human resources management, corporate communications, teamwork, and a whole lot more.


Who better to discuss the pros of your product versus the cons of your competitors than these iconic symbols of good and evil? And who attracts more attention?

What Now?

The above are just a few suggestions to get you started thinking. You need attention for your product. Michael always delivers. Let's talk.