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" Each year the volunteer president of the American Society of Transplantation delivers the dreaded president's address during the annual meeting. Over the past 10 years, I have retained Michael Goudeau to write the president's address. Michael has the special ability to quickly adapt to each president's personal style, sense of humor and agenda. Michael carefully listens to the presidents and translates their thoughts, accomplishments and vision for the field of transplantation into a speech that uses simple, clear language. The speeches are always laced with humor in appropriate ways and the accompanying slides are unique and entertaining. I don't want to deal with another president and their angst about "the speech" without Michael."
-Susan Nelson, Executive Vice President
American Society of Transplantation

Sometimes you need a show that's entirely different from anything else. Sometimes you want to present a speech that has a little something extra. Sometimes you just have to do a show spoofing your favorite TV show or movie. Michael is a multiple Emmy nominated TV writer who also has written for everyone from transplant surgeons to Ringling Brothers clowns. Chances are Michael can help you create a show, speech, or sketch that will inspire your people to think or spew milk out of their noses or both.

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Speech writing
Comedy writing
Gag writing
Script writing
Sketch writing
Comedy writing lessons
Magic consultant
Master of Ceremonies