Piff The Magic Dragon show

Michael can be seen Monday to Wednesday in Piff The Magic Dragon's show at the Flamingo.

Twisted Vegas

Michael can be seen Thursday to Sunday in Twisted Vegas at the Westgate.

Lance Burton: Master Magician

Stay tuned.

Michael Stomping the Boards Elsewhere

  July 2-3, 2016 - Michael is at the Monroeville Convention Center.
  August 7, 2016 - Michael is at the Burt County Fairgrounds in Oakland, NE.
  Nov. 9- Dec. 14, 2013 - Michael was in Finland performing at Varietee MAGICA 2013.
  Dec. 1- Jan. 3, 2013 - Michael toured Canada with the Magic 'n' Miracles show.
  Feb. 23- Mar. 2, 2011 - Michael was in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  Feb. 4th-Feb. 2, 2011 - Michael was in Athens, Greece at the Badminton Theater.
  Nov. 28th- Dec. 5th, 2010 - Michael appeared aboard the RCCL Voyager of the Seas cruise ship.
  Nov. 7-14, 2010 - Michael appeared aboard the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship.
  Sep. 24-25, 2010 - Michael performed in Leuven, Belgium for Rafael's "It's Magic!" show.


mikeguinness Dec., 2013 - Michael Goudeau appeared on's Guinness World Records Unleashed and won the official Guinness Book of World Records record for most bites of an apple in one minute. See a teaser from the show.
mikeguinness Dec., 2013 - Michael Goudeau appeared on France's talent competition TV show La France a un incroyable talent.
  Aug. 9, 2010 - Michael and Lance Burton were on the celebrity edition of Discovery Channel's Cash Cab.

Trade Press Coverage

Michael Goudeau was the cover feature in M-U-M magazine, the Society of American Magicians' official monthly magazine. Click on the thumbnails below for scans of Micheal's coverage:


Radio Interviews

Michael Goudeau has put in some appearances on Las Vegas's local NPR affiliate KNPR:

Michael has been doing some interviews about his Pancake Project web site.

Podcast Interviews

Michael Goudeau has been interviewed on the following podcasts:

Penn & Teller Bullshit! Cameos

If you, for whatever reason, want to see Michael dressed in an uncomfortable, big-headed costume, tune in to Penn & Teller Bullshit! on Showtime. As a writer Michael doesn't ask others to do what he himself wouldn't. Below is the definitive list of Michael's cameo Bullshit! appearances:

Click a thumbnail for a large image

Season Three: Life Coaching
Michael appears as a ventriloquist.

Season Three: Holier than Thou
Michael is seen in a photo accompanying an irate letter to the producer of Bullshit!

Season Three: College
Michael plays a cheer leading bull and then later is seen partially out of costume on the set.

Season Three: Big Brother
In the opening and closing segments, Michael plays a menacing clown.

Season Three: Hair
Michael is seen placing a paper bag on the head of a poorly coiffed female model.

Season Three: Gun Control
Michael appears in a crowd of gun owners. He is in sun glasses and hoisting a Schmeisser submachine gun over his head.

Season Three: The Best
Michael is seen juggling bean bag chairs behind Penn and Teller.

Season Three: Family Values
The gorilla making sweet love to Teller is played by Michael.

Season Four: Abstinence
Michael is seen applauding a video monitor following a segment featuring a novelty act.

Season Five: Anger Management
Michael plays a chiropractor who attacks Teller.

Season Six: Being Green
Michael plays the sign- and shovel-wielding Smokey the Bear.

Season Six: World Peace
Once again, Michael appears in costume. He plays a monkey, opposite Penn Jillette as a plush bear.

Season Six: The Good Ol' Days
Michael is seen on the set of Bullshit! advising Penn of script changes.

Season Seven: Video Game Violence
Michael is seen in a group shot of the crew unaware of their fate.

Season Seven: Video Game Violence
The clown image in Penn's HUD is Michael. It was taken from Season Three's "Big Brother" episode. Michael is seen commenting in the HUD's chat window.

Off the Deep End Special
Michael is seen in the background walking next to a fellow in a red top.

Sorry you didn't get a chance to fully enjoy the above episodes of Bullshit! knowing Smokey the Bear was played by Michael Goudeau? Well, your dilemma has been neatly solved by marrying the power of lasers, the ability to encode videos as a string of ones and zeroes, and break-through technology that can spin little disks in circles. Yes, you can go back and enjoy past episodes of Bullshit! on DVD! Click on one of the images below to purchase past seasons of Penn & Teller Bullshit! from

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